Reconstruction image of the tomb of Cyrus the Great


“Iran; Friendly Faces, Open Arms, Ancient Cultures, Timeless Charms”
Pasargad, Aghamir Human Rights Cottage – A Knot in Peace Carpet

Arriving in Fars province, Kamin, the old central district in Pasargad, a universal heritage.

“Water Management” and “Sport for Life” all along their journey from the Caspian Sea (Nowshahr) to the Persian Gulf (Bushehr).

Supporting 2017 convention Aghamir resort, an environmental and tourism activist, had designed a carpet named “The Peace Ambassador” that was shown in the presence of the cyclists and its members beside the tomb of Cyrus the Great for the first time. Lastly, the emblematic knots were knotted on the carpet by the tourist.

In retrospect, Aghamir was assigned by Arash Nooraghayee to design and weave the carpet. Studying and analyzing old carpets and using mythological symbols, the carpet’s borders were designed and the convention’s logo and slogan were centered on its medallion by Aghamir, where it had already designed and woven several unique carpets like the one patterned with bear and green carpet. Furthermore, the environmental message “Water Management”, “Sport for Life”, the peace and freedom message of Persia, the ancient symbols of the district and the movement of tourist guides and athletes are all inextricably interwoven with passion threads in the masterpiece charmingly.

The carpet’s features:

The white background of the carpet depicts the peace-loving and sagacious soul of Iranians that is based on the principles of freedom and wisdom. Taking into consideration that the carpet is being woven by tourist guides and guests in Aghamir, a human rights cottage in Pasargad, the district of peace and freedom, it is named “The Peace Ambassador”. Moreover, its final knots are going to be woven with the attendance of tourist guides from all over the world in Iran. In addition, the carpet is going to be made up of 300,000 knots on a 130 × 150 loom.

The slogans “Water Management” and “Sport for Life” are combined with Iranian lotus flower and country flags of the world that symbolise the global village. Using Iranian colours is also the other feature of the carpet.

Publicizing 2017 convention and one of its most important achievements, supporting orphans and battered children by providing them a homeless shelter as their house under the supervision of Aghamir, is one of the aims in weaving the carpet “The Peace Ambassador”. With the aim of establishing job opportunities for women who support their families, it is supposed to hold a number of workshops for traditional and local hand-woven products, teddy bears, environmental dolls and a variety of carpets. Cooking local foods, holding a craft fair and local residence are also amongst the other features of the house.

Pasargadae Human Rights Garden Approved
Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization has approved the project for the construction of Pasargadae Human Rights Garden.
The third and final meeting of ICHHTO’s Research Committee tasked with the project’s feasibility study was attended by the organization’s tourism officials, Fars provincial officials and the management of Pasargadae historical site, according to Tanin-e Pasargad News Agency.
Goals, challenges and the regional, national and international prospects of the project were evaluated during the meeting.
It is believed that the first Persian garden was built by Cyrus the Great, the founder of Achaemenid Empire, in his capital city of Pasargadae, located in the present-day Fars Province.
Experts believe the project will help boost regional tourism, protect the environment and positively impact the quality of life of locals.
Arash Noor-Aqaei, the initiator of the project and head of Iran Federation of Tourist Guides Association, said on his official website, “Agricultural engineers will oversee the project. In view of the water crisis, modern water conservation methods such as drip irrigation will be used.”
Aside from the scenic environment, organic foods and nomadic lifestyle will help draw tourists to the garden.
The land for establishing the garden has been donated by the local people.
Backed by the private sector and ICHHTO, the Pasargadae Human Rights Garden will be established in Sa’adatshahr, Fars Province, in the vicinity of Cyrus’ tomb.