With passing the green territory of Gilan and Mazandaran, or crossing the snow covered outskirts of Azerbaijan, the large territory of Khorasan, the vast area of Central Iran and the rich territories of Kurdistan, Lorestan and Kermashan, visiting the ancient cradle of Culture-building Pars and reckoning the ever “Persian” Gulf, now we observe a historical, ancient and almost shared culture that is being Known as Iranian Culture and Art during consecutive periods.
Fars is one of the oldest centers of civilization it was great range of Achaemenid and Sassanian made in this country.
After destruction of Pasargadae Town, the Persian Nobles founded new towns at Kamin Region (the present day Saadat Shahr).
In view of the touristic attractions of this ancient and civilization building territory with natural, local and cultural potentials along with its scenic sky at night, it has been termed “the first Astrotourist and Ecotourist Town in Iran and in the World”
Aghamir Cottage, as old as over one hundred years, while being plain in design, with creating beautiful and relaxing spaces, performance of local music, local and organic foods, links traditional architecture with psychological and mental safety of guests as well as influencing their minds.
aghamir cottage has 4master rooms,2 traditional rooms,1 dining room and 1 king room designed in traditional Iran architecture. Immerse yourself in the exclusive comfort of our Single rooms,The twin room, and Double rooms .
Superior Room is king room . Best accommodation in aghamir cottage .